Build a better path for patients, their caregivers, family, healthcare professionals, and stakeholders …with Eisai
Dementia Ecosystem

Dementia Ecosystem

As a healthcare company, We are committed to creating a wellness ecosystem for people in Thailand to avoid the risk of dementia as much as possible. Moreover, we will use our experience, knowledge, technology and information to promote care and deliver new benefits to the patient their family and those involved in this ecosystem through the healthcare ecosystem platform. The dementia ecosystem is the first step and first platform that will help act as a hub for various services, hospitals, wellness vender and Eisai’s services included partner’s services.

Digital health awareness

Digital health awareness

Eisai's business philosophy has a mission called hhc (human health care) that is committed to promoting patients and families including people in society having a good lifestyle. By alleviating people's concerns and reducing health disparities as well as encouraging them to live life to the fullest and have a perfect quality of life with Eisai's Ecosystem. Therefore, a digital platform has been established and aims to relieve people's health concerns by presenting information as a guideline for maintaining health from accurate and reliable sources including stories that help inspire you in life through the perspectives and ideas of various people. To fulfill the perfection in living life more than ever before.

Co Creation with Partner

Co Creation with Partner

Eisai is committed to strengthening the health ecosystem to a more complete perfection. We never stop searching for and collaborating with partners who have the same goals. Eisai will be the coordinator in creating an environment that promotes innovation, support, and true health solutions for patients, caregivers, and families. We will work together with our partners in creating a health care hub by relying on the cooperation, capabilities and specialized expertise of our partners both the public and private sectors to work together to deliver good value effective and answering the needs of those people directly in order to reach the goal that we set, “Let everyone be able to live life to the fullest without worrying about health problems.”

What is Eisai Ecosystem?

The core task of the Ecosystem Division is to find and design a better path for patients, their caregiver, family, healthcare professionals, and stakeholders and to build an ecosystem (Total health wellness program, platform
and hub, digital awareness and prevention) that suits them.

With our vision of supporting patients and the people to “live their lives to fullest,” we will promote the creation of solutions based on science, technology, and data in the areas of dementia and neurology in which we have the greatest strength, and an ecosystem in collaboration with other industries.

Join us to be a part of dementia ecosystem builder for Thailand

Our Partner

Partnership Proposal

We look forward to partnering and collaborating with startups, companies, and institutions in various fields to build a healthcare ecosystem …join us

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Eisai Ecosystem Innovation
Initiative Program

Various programs to enhance your brain health, exclusive assessments and monitoring programs, special service finding, care center finder, including a marketplace that combines products and services for the senior and caregivers.